Linear Finance X BSC Daily AMA Recap 2/12/2021

Linear Finance Dec 6 · 6 min read Kevin got into a lot of detail last week answering some great questions from the BSC Daily community. Please find the full AMA recap below… BSC_Daily Admin: Hello and welcome, how are you today? Kevin: Doing well…….thanks for arranging an AMA with your wonderful community. BSC_Daily Admin: … Read more

SpartanDev: 29NOV21–05DEC21

SpartanProtocol Dec 6 · 6 min read A New Burn Phase Commences Marking the beginning of the next phase of SPARTA tokenomics supply burns, 5 million SPARTA was burned this week! This SPARTA comes out of the supply of tokens that would have otherwise been gradually distributed via the Reserve contract through emissions/incentives. Hence the … Read more

Bunny X Trefethen —  NFT Wine on the Blockchain!

Bunny Finance Just now·5 min read Team Bunny is proud to announce a ground-breaking collaboration with the award-winning Trefethen Family Vineyards, powered by Cantata, to create a unique, collectible and tradeable bottling of their award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon, with future plans to expand to other bottlings and then on to other brands, products and experiences! The … Read more

Week In Review: November 29 — December 3

Bondly Just now·2 min read Bondly Announces Next Launchpad Sale: 99Starz We’re thrilled to announce that our next Bondly Launchpad sale on December 10th will feature 99Starz , the NFT yield project backed byAnimoca Brands. Stay tuned for details: $BONDLY/$GMEE Liquidity Pool Available on SushiSwap The second liquidity pool from Animoca Brands, featuring $BONDLY/$GMEE … Read more

A Step by Step Guide on How to Set Up a Metamask Wallet

Linear Finance Dec 3 · 3 min read Interacting with most platforms, protocols, and applications (Including Linear) in the cryptoverse will require one main item: a crypto wallet that allows you to store and transfer funds securely. Although there are a number of wallets out there, this guide will focus on one of the more … Read more

Animoca Brands Launches Next $BONDLY Liquidity Pool on SushiSwap, Featuring $LMT

Bondly Just now·2 min read 2 December 2021 — We are pleased to announce the next liquidity pool on SushiSwap from Animoca Brands with our fourth pairing, featuring $BONDLY and $LMT! Lympo is building a sports NFTs ecosystem including NFTs with IP rights of world-famous athletes and clubs. The ecosystem is powered by the $LMT … Read more

It takes (w)COURAGE!

Angie Elf Dec 2 · 4 min read It’s so good that it even makes troops come back stronger. Hello everyone! Angie Elf here🧝‍♀️ Let’s talk about (w)COURAGE today. Think about it… To reach your ambition, you’ll need it. Certainly appears in times of desperation, if you believe it. Winning or losing a confrontation, you … Read more

ForTube Joined IoTeX Ecosystem, Boosting DeFi Construction and Cross-Chain Transactions

ForTube Just now·2 min read Dear ForTubers, We are thrilled to announce that ForTube has reached a strategic partnership with IoTeX. Both parties will work together closely in various fields such as DeFi ecosystem construction, cross-chain transactions, market expansion and etc. The deployment process of ForTube on IoTeX’s mainnet will be completed around 3 PM, … Read more