Meet Bakery Featured Artists: Today, Accard, the Swiss 3D design talent.

BakerySwap Just now·4 min read “I know that this is just the beginning and I think it’s gonna change the whole digital art scene as we know it”. Nino Accardi, a Swiss 3D design expert in an interview session with BakerySwap, the all-in-one DeFi platform on Binance Smart Chain, gives his opinion about the future … Read more

Introducing The NFA Auction House

Loaded with juicy features & benefits for NFA holders! 😛 Just now·2 min read The ApeSwap Auction House will be officially opening on July 31st at 22:00 UTC! 🎉 Of course the Auction House is going to be jam packed with sweet features for our last batch of Non Fungible Apes, including users being … Read more

polyBUNNY & pBUNNY MND Compensation

Bunny Finance Just now·2 min read Hello Bunny Fam, We have officially concluded the week of all things MND, and the team has completed the distribution of MND tokens for polyBUNNY and pBUNNY holders. In all, a total of ~$2.4M or 74,501 MND is being distributed to those who held polyBUNNY before the attack, and … Read more

IAO #007 — Dragonary!

The future of Play-to-Earn is here 🚀 Just now·4 min read Apes, please welcome Dragonary, our next IAO partner, to the Jungle. 🐵🌴 Introducing Dragonary 🐲 Dragonary is a brand new game being developed by CoinaryTV for Desktop, iPhone, and Android, where users can play to earn in-game currency. You can collect, trade, and … Read more

What is !

icarus finance ·Just now 👋 Hello Icarians, here is a short video about us!YT link: What do you think? Comment and share it with your friends 🤝 Kindly consider checking around Find out more information below!👇 #ZETH #ZBTC #ICA #DeFi #cryptomining #icarusfinance #BSC

Further Migration Into BSC Ecosystem and Upcoming Events

DEGO Just now·2 min read Dear Citizens of Degoland Republic: I hope this message finds you well. team will be celebrating its 1st anniversary on 19th August 2021. We would like to express gratitude for all citizens and we are about to bring you more goodies in coming days. We are launching a series … Read more

AMA with VenusQueen

Angie Elf Jul 27 · 10 min read Hello everyone! APWars Angie Elf here 🧝‍♀️ Recently we had a fantastic AMA with the brilliant VenusQueen team on TG and here is the transcript for you. Enjoy! Venus Queen Hello everyone, let’s welcome @arthas_defi from APWars team. Welcome to our community Arthas. So excited to learn … Read more

What Changed in Crypto Markets While You Were Sleeping — July 27

BeInCrypto presents our daily morning roundup of crypto news and market changes that you might have missed while you were asleep. Sponsored Sponsored Bitcoin update The daily chart shows that BTC reached a local high of $40,550, going into the range highs that have been in place since May. However, the rally could not be … Read more

Binance Smart Chain Launches $10M Bug Bounty Program

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain is attempting to tighten security with the launch of a $10 million joint bug bounty program for the ecosystem. Sponsored Sponsored Binance made the announcement on July 26, stating that security should be the number one priority for everyone, users and projects alike. The bug bounty fund called “Priority … Read more