Tao Te Ching (TTC): Can Chinese Wisdom Justify Its $661 Price?

Tao Te Ching takes its name from the ancient book of Chinese wisdom, but is this microcap memecoin with its ultra low circulating supply the way, or no way at all? To find out more, Be[In]Crypto lifts the lid on this unusual and mysterious token on BNB Smart Chain. Is this token the way? TTC … Read more

BUIDL-Weekly: 26SEP22–02OCT22

SpartanProtocol Oct 3 · 5 min read Welcome to another weekly wrap-up, Spartans! Thanks to all the community contributors and friends who helped Buidl, promote and support during the week! Read on for the update RAVEN Liquidity Caps The RAVEN:SPARTA liquidity caps were reached and have doubled to 400K to let in more liquidity View … Read more

Weekly Rewards Breakdown: September

Linear Finance Sep 29 · 2 min read Dear Linear Community, It’s that time of the month again, an in-depth breakdown of the past weeks staking rewards. The backbone of Linear Finance is the staking of LINA tokens. LINA tokens are staked and used as collateral to mint ℓUSD. Rewards to stakers are locked for … Read more

ApeSwap and ApolloX Team Up to Offer $2000 Airdrop to New ApeSwap Pro Users

ApeSwap.finance Sep 26 · 4 min read ApeSwap’s recently launched perpetual futures trading platform, ApeSwap Pro (powered by ApolloX) has been a great success, facilitating over $10M in total volume in just under two months since launch. To encourage users to try out this new feature of the ApeSwap DeFi Hub, ApeSwap and ApolloX have … Read more

BUIDL-Weekly: 19SEP22–25SEP22

SpartanProtocol Sep 26 · 6 min read Welcome to another weekly wrap-up, Spartans! Thanks to all the community contributors and friends who helped Buidl, promote and support during the week! Read on for the update CoinMarketLeague Mentions Don’t forget to vote for SPARTA every day Spartans! Top DeFi projects Top DEXs Top Yield projects Top … Read more

Linear Finance: Deep Dive Into The Debt Pool

Linear Finance Sep 22 · 5 min read Dear Linear Community, As many of you know, a key element of Linear Finance is its debt pool. Understanding the concepts and mechanisms behind the debt pool can be challenging for new users joining the protocol, this is why we have decided to go over the key … Read more

ApeSwap Extends Treasury Bills Product to Polygon

ApeSwap.finance Sep 20 · 3 min read Two new partners, Dogira and TokenTraxx, start sustainable liquidity mining on new chain In the three months since the launch of ApeSwap’s sustainable liquidity mining (SLM) initiative on BNB Chain, Treasury Bills have created over $600k in protocol-owned liquidity for ApeSwap, and another nearly $600k for our partners, … Read more

WazirX to Follow Binance in Converting Stablecoins to BUSD

Indian crypto exchange WazirX has announced the delisting of major stablecoins Tether (USDT), Pax Dollar (USDP), and True USD (TUSD). The exchange follows Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, in consolidating its stablecoin holdings into a single asset. In preparation for the delisting, WazirX has stopped deposits of USDT, USDP, and TUSD … Read more

BUIDL-Weekly: 12SEP22–18SEP22

SpartanProtocol Sep 19 · 5 min read Happy Birthday! As touched on last week, September is an important month for Spartan Protocol & the entire BNBChain ecosystem. Two years ago, the Spartan Protocol project was first announced, BNBChain had its genesis block validated on mainnet & the first SPARTA token was minted kicking off the … Read more

Announcement Regarding Transaction Failure Issue

ForTube Sep 19 · 1 min read Dear ForTubers: We received some feedback from users recently that transactions failed occasionally when they were using MetaMask wallet with Binance Smart Chain and Polygon Chain. There is a high probability that the occurrance of this situation was due to the high latency of wallet nodes. We suggest … Read more