ForTube announces strategic partnership with Conflux and lists CFX

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ForTube is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Conflux Network in liquidity, lending, and other fields.

ForTube will officially launch $bCFX in the Innovation Zone of ForTube BSC on May 11th 14:00 (UTC+8), supporting its funding pool lending function. At the same time, ForTube will start “New Token Mining” activities. Users can deposit bCFX into ForTube to earn interest, or use bCFX as pledged assets to borrow other assets (such as USDT and other stablecoins).

Conflux Network uses unique advanced algorithms and cleverly combines the Tree Graph structure to achieve high throughput while ensuring complete decentralization.

As a world-leading Decentralized Cryptocurrency Bank, ForTube is committed to providing decentralized financial services and private banking services for crypto asset enthusiasts around the world. The newly launched ForTube V3 version provides users with more ways to earn, higher profit,s and more flexible value capture opportunities.

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