The Perpetual Yielding Farming Machine

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If you are familiar with BSCyield farming, you must have heard of the famous food farm like Pancake, Kebab, ApeSwap

All these platforms launched without a proper system like burning mechanism and timelock, and hope people will jump into the pool.

We create a 5rd Generation yield farming mechanism that allows perpetual price increase with a sustainable and profitable farming yield with a timelock contract at launch!

We solved these problems below by modifying the contracts :

—Make Token price stable by Liquidity lock
— Large fund enters and exits creating a significant fluctuation.
— Constant token creation with stable coins without any contribution
— Insufficient token burn
— Rugpull

How we prevent from Rugpull
— Removed migrator code (Inherited from Pancake swap)
— 24Hrs Timelock

– All farms take a 4% burn when you stake.
 3.5% will be used to purchase Coin Token and be burnt

Liquidity Lock

Token liquidity locked for 10 Days and get higher APY rewards

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  • Master Chef ​: 0x2780bf4d4b6029ec86ca853ae8c53b393d83cd49
  • Timelock ​: 0x79cdf6eb4abea3b019def2a18dff4e5c2f053690
  • MBS Token : 0x74753f7ae45240428c249f4c976e0843e486e229

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