Meet Bakery Featured Artists: Today (04) Thomas Pomarelle, creator of Grolar Playground!

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Thomas Pomarelle, creator of Grolar Playground, famous 3D artist, and a successful NFT creator on Bakeryswap talks about his journey into the world of NFT and his opinion concerning the belief by some people that NFTs are bubbles that will burst in the future.

In its weekly unveiling of great and seasoned artists on its platform, BakerySwap, the first DeFi exchange platform that provides both AMM and NFT Marketplace on Binance Smart Chain, presents to you Thomas Pomerelle, one of the finest 3D artists who has recorded good success as an NFT creator on Bakery.

Thomas Pomerelle is a French 3D artist known as the creator of Grolar Playground. Thomas is one of the great artists who have left an indelible mark on BakerySwap NFT place with amazing traded artworks on the platform.

In this week’s edition, Thomas Pomerelle talked about his journey into the NFT world and what he thinks about it with respect to the belief by some people that the current boom of NFTs will not be sustainable in the long run.

We are glad to have you with us today. Please can you tell us about yourself?

Hey! I’m Thomas Pomarelle, a French freelance 3D artist and creator of the GROLAR PLAYGROUND, currently based in Stockholm.

After spending my early years on video games, drawings, and making up stories, I finally found a way to materialize those things I used to see and imagine through the 3D medium.

That’s how I came to create the Playground. It’s an ongoing artistic project, a world that I created as a huge amusement park, constantly growing.


How did you become an NFT creator?

I’ve been introduced to NFT back in the days at the beginning of 2020 by a friend working for Sorare (a football NFT marketplace). He told me about Superrare, but I was skeptical about the whole concept at that time. It was much later that year, when I saw big names like Peter Tarka or Andreas Wannerstedt, that I understood the potential of NFTs, and began to mint my first GROLAR stuff. But it’s really my collaboration with Gavin Shapiro at the very beginning of 2021 that launched me into the NFT space.

Some people believe that NFTs are just bubbles that will certainly burst in the future. What do you have to say about this?

I think it developed super hard super quick, and that to be sustainable, it has to come back to a slower pace. Someone said some times ago that a day in the NFT space feels like a month in real life. That’s actually true, it was going in every direction and the FOMO was hitting hard in February-March. I’d say that now we can already feel that it’s not as crazy as it was at the beginning of March. Also, the fact that we already have different players that popped up as NFT marketplace, is really healthy, because it differentiates the offer and allows the existence of different types of creators and buyers.

How did you know about BakerySwap and what is your experience with the platform?

I’ve been in contact with a fellow designer called Zen visuals. He proposed to me to be involved in the launch of BakerySwapGallery with other great artists. That’s how I learnt about this new platform and the whole BAKE ecosystem.

What is the next project you are working on?

My very next project will go live next Monday, May 17th. I had the chance to team up again with BakeryGallery in a featured project on a new set of retro game consoles. It was super fun to develop because it’s both designing the console but also coming up with an intro animation that has to have a retro vibe going on. It goes beyond a picture or a video.

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What’s your advice to upcoming artists?

If you want to leave a mark in the NFT space, make sure to develop something unique, and stay true to yourself. It can be hard as an artist to find your own style, and it takes time, but I can guarantee it will be rewarding at some point.

Also never hesitate to ask for some advice from the community, having someone else giving you constructive criticism is really what will make you go further, faster.

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