Strainz V3 —new features and changes for yield farming project on Binance Smart Chain

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The developers of STRAINZ are working on a new version of the Strainz project folks! Strainz V3 will remain on the Binance Smart Chain and everyone can buy NFT plants and STRAINZ tokens.

The Update will introduce new features and adjustments to the previous mechanics. This article lists the developers’ statements so far, more changes will be added in the future.

At the moment, these changes will come in about 3-4 Weeks.

NFT plant appearance changes and accessories

Appearance NFT plants V2

In the picture, you can see the current appearance of the plants.

In V3 it will be possible:

  • to change the color of the NFT plants for an amount of SEEDZ tokens.
  • to change the name of the NFT plants for an amount of SEEDZ tokens.

The appearance of the NFT plants will be upgraded, great overlay effects, cool frames and cosmetic changes are coming.

All SEEDZ get burned in this process!

The accessories remain as before, with the previous features. However, their grow rate boost is influenced by watering the plants.

Grow rate

The grow rate of all plants will not be static as before. Similar to Bitcoin, there will be grow rate halvings so that it is ensured that the STRAINZ tokens will have a maximum supply!

Breeding and Breed Fertilizer

Breeding process with Breed Fertilizer V2

So far, breeding was possible with all plants. From V3 onwards, there will be an upper limit on the generation that can be bred with. This limit is set at the current state of development at generation 50. This is done to limit the extensive breeding of low plants, which are flooding the marketplace currently.

Breed Fertilizer will not affect the grow rate of the child from V3 onwards, but will only be used for breeding accessories, but will get more functionality in the future.


So far there has been no cap on STRAINZ tokens, but now, a limit of 50 Million will be introduced. For this, we will do a “Halvening” Event every now and then, which will cut grow rates of all plants in half.

Additionally you will be able to swap STRAINZ/SEED/BNB how you like on our website, without needing PancakeSwap anymore! All actions you would have to pay with SEEDZ or STRAINZ will also get an option to pay with BNB!

For example if you want to buy a plant from the marketplace, but you don’t have the necessary STRAINZ to buy it, you can also pay with SEEDZ or BNB and a swap takes place in the background where STRAINZ get bought either in the STRAINZ/SEEDZ pool or in the STRAINZ/BNB pool!

Whats next?

The first halvening event will happen even before the release of V3, on 05/20/2021, be sure to harvest before that time!

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