The Celebration Festival

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The awaited ceremony of the celebration festival is about to start. But before we present the festivities let’s talk about the rational behind one of the most important resource tokens of APWars, the wCOURAGE token, a mark of the brave.

wCOURAGE Origin and Purpose

The proof of courage is the consensus mechanism that defines an allocation of wCOURAGE tokens a player receives. This deserved amount is derived from the troop power ideal fraction that a player could amass from sending troops to factions. This act involves courage because of two factors, first there is a a trade-offin terms of wGOLD, a price to pay to farm troops to send to war. Then, whenever troops are enlisted to a war, there is always a chance of causality from every battle, and this mix of sacrifice with risk taking is the reason that a player earns wCOURAGE tokens. The purpose of the token is to reward the brave during the postwar season.

wCOURAGE Tokenomics

The rationale behind the wCOURAGE generation and supply is clear: Total troop power by player, but what about its price?

The mapped price of wCOURAGE is based on what the token’s colateral represents.
From an accounting perspective of the war report there was a defined quantity of causalities per unit type. All the units from both factions that were burned were accounted for and represented in wGOLD terms at current prices. This aggregate sum resulted in a total wGOLD equivalent burned during the battle and this amount is the tangible collateral that pegged the wCOURAGE token.

Considering the total colateral in death toll converted to wGOLD divided by the total supply of wCOURAGE we arrive in the estimated price of the wCOURAGE token at 0.52 wGOLD.

Celebration Festival Mechanics

The celebration festival will start at 17 of May. The way to be a part of it is to look for the wCOURAGE — wGOLD incentivized pool and stake it after adding liquidity to this token pair.

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