Neural Challenge #1: Ancient Evil

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Recently, the Neural Pepe community voted in favor of the Ancient Evil challenge, so we’re bound to open the Pependora’s box and release it. Several days ago we opened it by a mere millimeter and the crypto market crashed. Now the lid is fully open, so prepare for the total chaos!


The Ancient Evil challenge will last for 10 days and end on the 4th of June at 20:00 UTC.

In order to complete the challenge you need have 3 Neural Pepe with a “Cursed” special on you wallet before the countdown ends. No extra actions are required. When the challenge is over, a snapshot of all NP wallets will be made and eligible wallets will receive NFT rewards shortly after.

NFT Rewards

Every challenge completer will receive a unique AI-generated NFT. Each NFT will represent a theme or a character related to Ancient Evil. 10 NFTs will form a sub-collection of Plagues of Egypt, the rest will be named after evil gods, deities or creatures. To generate each NFT we used a special text-to-speech generative network and each NFT’s name will correspond to the text request we used to generate it. The final number of NFTs in the Ancient Evil collection will depend on the amount of users who completed the challenge.

“Plagues of Egypt” arts. Each name represents the text requests sent to the GAN. From left to right: “Pestilence of Livestock”, “Three Days of Darkness”, “Plague of Flies”

What is more, one Neural Pepe NFT will be dropped to a random Ancient Evil NFT owner and their might be exlusive drops for lucky owners of specific AE NFTs.

Ancient Gods. Each name represents the text requests sent to the GAN. From left to right: “Mars, God of War”, “Kek, God of Chaos and Darkness”, “Hades, God of the Dead and Riches ”. No we didn’t fiddle with the final images and the neural network has really added a frog to the god of Kek.

You can check if any of your NPs are eligible for the challenge here:

If they are eligible you’ll se their images in the challenge slot. If you see red crosses, you need to get more cursed NPs. You can obtain them directly on NFTKEY or try try draw some randomly on our website.



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