The VRT Vault is Now Live on Venus Protocol

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We are excited to announce that the VRT vault on Venus protocol is now live in anticipation of the launch of the VRT swap. This launch continues our mission to make the Venus protocol the easiest and most secure platform to borrow, lend, and stake tokens on the BNB chain.

The Venus VRT vault enables VRT token holders to deposit their VRT token and ensure a 3% APR in return paid out in VRT. The launch of the VRT vault will ensure that VRT holders are able to maximize the utility of their VRT token holdings similarly to the existing VAI & XVS vaults for XVS and VAI token holders.

VRT holders will be able to earn the 3% APR on their VRT tokens prior to the launch of the VRT swap in order to maximize yields from their VRT holdings, increase VRT utility for holders, and ensure the best possible returns when the VRT swap launches.

Head over to the Vaults section of the Venus app and deposit your VRT tokens to start earning a 3% APR today and stay tuned for upcoming announcements around the VRT swap.

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