VRT Swap is now live on Venus Protocol

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Following the successful deployment of the VRT Vault, we’re glad to announce that the VRT Swap is now live on Venus Protocol. This swap will enable $VRT token holders to swap their $VRT for $XVS tokens (the native token of Venus Protocol). Included below are the full details regarding the swap along with a link to access the swap and convert your tokens.


The VRT Swap & XVS Vesting contract(s) are a separate system from the VRT Rewards Vault and XVS Rewards Vault. VRT Swap & XVS Vesting are not related to the rewards vaults.

XVS owed from the VRT swap will be vested over a 365 day period for all addresses.

The VRT Swap contract will be available for VRT deposit for 365 days after deployment. After 365 days, VRT deposits will no longer be accepted but XVS will continue to vest for up to an additional 365 days or until all XVS has vested. Vested XVS will be available for withdrawal perpetually.

Based on the following calculation ~8.73B public VRT * (1 XVS / 12,000 VRT) = ~728k XVS

728k XVS / 365 days = 1,995 XVS per day will be vested and released.

VRT Swap & Vault Detail Diagram

Access the VRT SWAP: https://app.venus.io/convert-vrt

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