ApeSwap Introduces Zap Functionality ⚡️

ApeSwap.finance Sep 13 · 3 min read The fastest way to navigate ApeSwap’s DeFi products As part of ApeSwap’s ongoing commitment to improving the user experience across each of the products in our DeFi Hub, we’re excited to announce our newest time-saving (and gas-saving) feature: the Zap feature. Using Zap is the fastest way to … Read more

How ApeSwap Integrated Chainlink Keepers for BANANA Maximizer Vaults

ApeSwap.finance Aug 4 · 6 min read Simplifying vault compounding and improving efficiency for users and the protocol [Editor’s note: this technical blog is primarily intended for Chainlink users and developers. If you have any questions, feel free to reach ApeSwap on Telegram or Discord.] What is ApeSwap? ApeSwap is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform … Read more

ApeSwap Updates Governance Process Using Commonwealth Before Hard Cap Proposal

ApeSwap.finance Aug 2 · 4 min read Discuss and Vote Using One Simple Platform The ApeSwap DAO has evolved in many ways since our launch nearly a year and a half ago, especially in terms of our expanded suite of product offerings and the size of our community of users and partners. In order to … Read more

Meet ApeSwap NFT

ApeSwap.finance Aug 1 · 4 min read It’s time to start writing the next chapter of NFTs at ApeSwap A lot has changed in the NFT landscape over the past year since the launch of ApeSwap’s NFA and NFB collections, we are excited to continue building, adapting, and innovating. ApeSwap’s NFT collections should reflect what … Read more

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) TVL Reaches 2022 Low; Plunges More than $7 Billion

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) total value locked (TVL) continued to fall steeply in the third week of May due to a market crash that has seen decreased interest in decentralized finance (DeFi).  Sponsored Sponsored Binance Smart Chain has been one of the most patronized platforms in the last 12 months. BSC has lost 47% in … Read more

CryptoBlades Partner SpinTop Officially Joins the MultiFarm!

CryptoBladers! Our partner, SpinTop, has officially joined the Knighthood program! With this comes $40,000 of $SPIN tokens going live in our Multi-Farm Today! Players can claim these for rewards on BNB Chain. Additionally, we will have $KING added to their spindex staking and farming pools. KING-SPIN will reward $SPIN and a singular $SPIN staking pool … Read more

ApeSwap Governance Round 5

ApeSwap.finance · Follow Feb 21 · 5 min read Growth & Continuity Planning 📈 Governance Round introduces a single proposal, Prop 17, intended to help ApeSwap continuously grow by optimizing revenue utilization & putting some treasury funds to use. A Quick Refresher On How it Works 🗳 ApeSwap Governance is a platform designed to give … Read more

ApeSwap Launches BNB Prediction Game

How good are you at telling the future? 🔮 ApeSwap.finance Just now·3 min read Dear Apes, I want to start out with a shoutout to all of my Ape friends out there who are a little psychotic…oops, meant to say psychic. 😉 If you didn’t get a chance to peep the new banner on our … Read more

Announcing WPool #29: Bogged Finance!

Wault.Finance Sep 21 · 2 min read We’re excited to announce another WPool coming your way — it’s our 29th WPool with Bogged Finance! With this new partnership, you’ll be able to stake WEX for 100k USD in BOG token rewards which will be distributed over 8.5 weeks. WPool: https://app.wault.finance/bsc/#pool A new BOG-WUSD WFarm will … Read more