Linear Finance Holiday Giveaway Competition!

Linear Finance Nov 30 · 1 min read Dear Linear Community, With 2021 almost coming to an end, we would like to end the year on a high note, and what better way to do it than with a series of giveaways! During the first 24 days of December, we will be releasing one daily … Read more

Linear Council Nomination Period Closed

Linear Finance Nov 3 · 1 min read Dear Linear Community, The Linear Council Nomination Period is now closed. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the community who got involved; whether you nominated yourself or supported one of the nominees, we appreciate your interest and engagement in helping shape the Linear … Read more

dFuture monthly report October

Dfuture Finance Just now·4 min read October is a season for harvest. The dFuture has made substantial progress in many aspects. It is inseparable from everyone’s support and trust. This also makes us always treat every user with gratitude. Among them, the DAO governance voted DIP-003 on the proposal of adjusting the fee distribution method. … Read more

BTC Mining!

icarus finance 3 days ago·5 min read Hello icarians, today we would like to share some information with you about Bitcoin mining, which our project entails. It has been a profitable venture for over 10 years, so let’s dissect what it consists of, its risks & rewards. What is Bitcoin mining, how does it work? … Read more

Alpaca City Partners with Solo Protocol to Launch Alpaca City Bank May 7·2 min read We are thrilled to announce that Alpaca City partners with Solo Protocol to Launch Alpaca City Bank, a single asset farming aggregator without impermanent loss on Binance Smart Chain. About is a DeFi smart mining protocol deployed in a multi-chain ecosystem(such as BSC, Heco, ETH and OKEx Chain), … Read more

The Perpetual Yielding Farming Machine

MobiusDeFi May 3·1 min read If you are familiar with BSC yield farming, you must have heard of the famous food farm like Pancake, Kebab, ApeSwap All these platforms launched without a proper system like burning mechanism and timelock, and hope people will jump into the pool. We create a 5rd Generation yield farming mechanism … Read more & BSCdaily AMA|Here are what you want to know about Apr 16·6 min read Q1:Would you please share with us what is and how it works? Solo is a single-asset mining aggregator without impermanent loss. For users, what they have to do is just stake single asset and get earnings without having worries about asset allocation, the price fluctuations, and impermanent losses. All … Read more