Upcoming changes

icarus finance Mar 22 · 1 min read Hello Icarians, The team would like to announce some preparations are about to be implemented on the tokenomics of icarus.finance protocol. The 1st step that we are taking into action is that $ICA will no longer be minted in order to distribute as rewards for staking. We … Read more

Achievements recap

icarus finance ·Just now 👋 Hello Icarians, Here is a quick video with some relevant achievements / progress we managed in the last couple months. Let’s keep going for more! $ZETH $ZBTC $ICA Kindly consider checking around https://icarus.finance/Whitepaper.pdf Find out more information below!👇 https://linktr.ee/icarus.finance #ZETH #ZBTC #ICA #DeFi #cryptomining #icarusfinance #BSC #NFT #GameFi #PlaytoEarn