ForTube Q3 Summary and Q4 Plan

ForTube Sep 6 · 1 min read Product iteration: Version4: The testing and launch preparations including the corresponding long-term liquidity incentive plan have been completed. There is no comprehensive official announcement for the time being due to requirements of the partner’s security audit and operation rhythm. It is expected to be launched soon after the … Read more

FDAO Governance Function Tutorial

ForTube Apr 3 · 4 min read On December 28th, 2021, ForTube introduced a new governance structure, FDAO, to balance ForTube’s revenue distribution, risk-taking, and governance decisions. Note: All the screenshots are from the beta version. The data shown below is only for reference, not the real data on the official website. 1. FDAO main … Read more

dFuture monthly report October

Dfuture Finance Just now·4 min read October is a season for harvest. The dFuture has made substantial progress in many aspects. It is inseparable from everyone’s support and trust. This also makes us always treat every user with gratitude. Among them, the DAO governance voted DIP-003 on the proposal of adjusting the fee distribution method. … Read more

Basic Introduction to Cross-chain Transfer on dFuture

Dfuture Finance Just now·5 min read In order to further realize the interconnection between DFT assets on Heco and BSC chains and to provide users with a more convenient and efficient trading experience, dFuture will officially launch the Heco manner and BSC mainnet on the cross-chain bridge on October 27, 2021. The transfer of other … Read more

Cross-chain Mechanism of dFuture

Dfuture Finance Just now·5 min read As the public chain market enters a flourishing “multi-chain era”, the market demand for cross-chain transactions becomes greater. A cross-chain bridge is an indispensable part of the blockchain and plays a vital role in connecting assets on various networks and realizing asset circulation. Since the launch of Huobi Eco … Read more

DEGO Monthly Report in September ( from September 1 to September 30)

DEGO Just now·3 min read In September, DEGO team has made productive progress. We will endeavor to make a breakthrough in October. Please read our Monthly Report for the details. Events and Partnerships 1. D-Verse (DEGO Metaverse) presale officially launched on September 27th and D-Verse NFT is a pass to the future Gamefi. D-Verse NFT … Read more

Hashkey Interview with DEGO Ambassador Xavier: Interpretation on Financial Innovation of NFT

This interview article was originally published by Hashkey: DEGO Just now·13 min read “The expert in the interview, Xavier of DEGO China Ambassador, is a senior Dapp and NFT player in the circle, with years of experience in the field of NFT. In the interview, we ask 22 questions exploring some financial innovation applications of … Read more

DEGO Monthly Report in August ( from August 1 to August 31)

DEGO Just now·3 min read In August, DEGO team has made productive progress. We will endeavor to make a breakthrough in September. Please read our Monthly Report for the details of events, partnerships, and other news. Events and Partnerships 1. Welcome to DEGO’s birthday party! Together with our partners TRIAS and COCOS, a total of … Read more

ForTube Integrates AAVE’s Fixed-rate Lending Products for Additional Use Cases of Liquidity

ForTube Jul 22 · 1 min read ForTube, a leading global digital asset bank, has integrated AAVE’s fixed-rate lending products into its ETH protocol. This integration will provide users with more options for lending services. Users can choose to pledge dedicated assets and lend other assets at a fixed interest rate. On the ForTube platform, … Read more