Tabletop roleplaying games are coming to the blockchain and this is just the beginning – Get on Board.

GRIPNR Introduces The Glimmering: The World’s Only 5e On-Chain, Play-to-Progress TTRPG Played with Collectible NFT Characters.    Tabletop roleplaying games are now coming onto the blockchain and it just makes sense. GRIPNR is working to build on the classic TTRPG model by rewarding contributors for their passion, work, and fun.   Gripnr is a Web3 technology company … Read more

Arcade – A Fun and Fully Inclusive Metaverse

Details are emerging about the ambitious new metaverse, Arcade, which aims to be the home for all NFTs to live and thrive. Arcade recently minted 10,000 NFTs – plots of ‘Arcade land’ – to the public and their latest reveal on Twitter had the community in raptures. In the reveal, imaginative Lands with unique themes were … Read more

The Top 5 Most Expensive NFT’s Ever Sold!

Have you ever wondered what the world’s most expensive NFT was worth? Wonder no more! We’re going to delight in some ground-breaking, rip-roaring NFT action as we break down the top 5 all-time sales.  The Rise of NFTs The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) industry is absolutely thriving. The diversity and ownership afforded by NFTs is transforming … Read more

Blockchain Brawlers Announce Player Narratives as Plot Thickens!

Hot on the heels of their launch last week, WAX just announced that they will be kicking off the ‘player narrative’ phase in their new play-to-earn experience ‘Blockchain Brawlers’. Blockchain Brawlers launched last week and has received high praise for its strong foundations and player-driven economy. Now, they’re moving into a very interesting development in … Read more

THE LARGEST NFT contest on the Relictum NFT Marketplace

Relictum NFT Marketplace is a celebrity at the dawn of the NFT era! Relictum ecosystem is a powerful set of products and advanced technologies available for everyone in one app and designed for implementing tasks of any complexity and bold ideas of blockchain technology. After the buzz in the blockchain market, Relictum has gained respect … Read more

CEO of WAX Blockchain: Every Industry Will Have NFTs

At the Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai last week, William Quigley predicted that NFTs will be adopted into our daily lives on a mass scale. The Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) co-founder and CEO hailed the new Web3 era as a release from the shackles of central control. At Binance Blockchain Week, William Quigley chose his … Read more

Review: Club de Beauté PFP

New Mint – 5/5 Stars 2022 is shaping up to be the year of the female PFP. Women-led, women-focused NFT projects are redefining web3 as they go. The latest notable in the field is Club de Beauté. What makes Club de Beauté unique is the collection was born inside the BAYC community. The artwork was … Read more

Crypto Gaming Guilds To Become A Growth Engine For P2E Games

Blockchain games have risen from relative obscurity to become thriving ecosystems where some players can earn hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month while doing what they love best.  P2E games have truly arrived and they’re expanding rapidly across the world, and it’s all thanks to the evolution of crypto gaming guilds – blockchain-based … Read more

Hot Wheels set to release second NFT project

In November 2021, Hot Wheels released its NFT Garage Series 1, and after achieving success, it is ready to unveil the second installment to its NFT project. Hot Wheels: Integral Childhood Experience For the better part of five decades, Hot Wheels has been an integral part of many people’s childhoods, and in more ways than … Read more

How Rarity Tools Determines NFT Value

Are you interested in the value of NFT collectibles? Rarity Tools will help you determine NFT rarity and thus, help you make smarter decisions when investing in NFT projects… The NFT marketplace is brimming with choice and if you’re looking to invest, you should understand the importance of rarity. Whether you’re a collector or an … Read more