The Milestone of Solo.Top in 2021 Mar 16 · 1 min read 🎁🎁To celebrate the one-year anniversary, we are hosting a giveaway, come and win here: About is a link for individuals to become builders of the DeFi ecosystem, and on a mission to make the DeFi ecosystem capital-efficiently. protocol empowers individuals to maximize returns without … Read more

$2222 Giveaway on Solo.Top One-Year Anniversary Mar 16 · 1 min read ⏰ Duration: 03/16/2022 7:00 AM — 03/23/2022 7:00 AM (Pacific Time) 💰$20×10 winners to those ①Like + retweet the milestone tweet ②Follow @solo_top twitter ③Join telegram group & say Hi 💰💰$2022 Prize Pool to those also ④Deposit on platform with the token you prefer and reply … Read more

ForTube Joined IoTeX Ecosystem, Boosting DeFi Construction and Cross-Chain Transactions

ForTube Just now·2 min read Dear ForTubers, We are thrilled to announce that ForTube has reached a strategic partnership with IoTeX. Both parties will work together closely in various fields such as DeFi ecosystem construction, cross-chain transactions, market expansion and etc. The deployment process of ForTube on IoTeX’s mainnet will be completed around 3 PM, … Read more

Further Migration Into BSC Ecosystem and Upcoming Events

DEGO Just now·2 min read Dear Citizens of Degoland Republic: I hope this message finds you well. team will be celebrating its 1st anniversary on 19th August 2021. We would like to express gratitude for all citizens and we are about to bring you more goodies in coming days. We are launching a series … Read more live on Polygon to Optimize All Users’ Yield Just now·2 min read We’re thrilled to announce that is now live on Polygon! The DeFi market have met fast growth since last year. However, it’s hard for users to catch up with all new farming pools and have to risk a lot when providing liquidity or staking, while having a low and … Read more

ForTube Polygon Version Officially Launches Yield Farming Campaign

ForTube Jun 19 · 1 min read The yield farming campaign on the ForTube Polygon version will be officially live at 6 AM, June 19th (UTC). Mining duration: 60 days Total reward: $100K equivalent of $MATIC and $FOR tokens Mining Rules: Weighted Assets Mining Supported assets: $MATIC, $DAI, $USDC, $USDT, $wETH, $wBTC, $QUICK, $LINK Users … Read more

ForTube and Polygon are commencing a strategic partnership, which will include product integrations…

ForTube Just now·1 min read We are excited to announce that ForTube has reached a strategic and technical partnership with Polygon. The two parties will start cooperating together in several areas including building up DeFi communities and ecosystems, cross-chain compatibility and market expansion. As a decentralized digital asset bank, ForTube’s product portfolio covers the ETH, … Read more

ZETH-BUSD Star Boost (ES)

icarus finance ·Just now 👋Hola Icarianos,Nos complace ofrecerle nuestra primera de muchas Samos Star Boosted Pools El primer pool va a ser con el equipo de Como funciona ? En Samos Star Boosted Pool podrás ganar delegando ZETH-BUSD LP: estarías ganandoel triple de recompensas en $ ETH e $ ICA Después de un deposito … Read more

BTC Mining!

icarus finance 3 days ago·5 min read Hello icarians, today we would like to share some information with you about Bitcoin mining, which our project entails. It has been a profitable venture for over 10 years, so let’s dissect what it consists of, its risks & rewards. What is Bitcoin mining, how does it work? … Read more

Why mining power matters!

icarus finance May 22·2 min read Hello icarians 👋 Today we wanted to share with you some information about and how the ecosystem interacts with itself and users. We thoughtfully designed and its tokenomics to be the perfect mix between mining and farming. One variable that’s hugely important but easily gets overlooked is … Read more