The Next Chapter: DAO

Bunny Finance · Follow Feb 11 · 3 min read Bunny Fam, As you are all aware, there was an economic exploit on the platform Qubit, resulting in approx. $80M loss of assets. In $80M, assets from both thousands of private users and Mound were included. Team Mound had been supplying about $10M in Qubit, … Read more

Leveraged Farming Opens on Bunny

Bunny Finance 3 hours ago·4 min read Bunny Fam, We are excited to announce that leveraged yield farming is now available on Bunny. Leveraged yield farming allows farmers to maximize farming profits by borrowing additional liquidity to increase an asset position that has been provided as collateral. As a yield farmer, this process is summarized … Read more

Busy Bunnies NFT Chapter 1 Closing Soon!

Bunny Finance Just now·3 min read Hello Bunny Fam! Congratulations to all of you Diamond Bunnies out there in Bunnyland who have successfully minted your Busy Bunny NFT’s! Thank you for helping kick off the Community’s 1st Anniversary Celebration! In response to the Community’s generous feedback and questions, we will be pausing the mint of … Read more

1st Anniversary NFT Events

Bunny Finance Just now·6 min read Bunny Fam, Thank you for joining us on the first year of our DeFi journey! To commemorate our first year and to show our appreciation to the Community, we are celebrating with three groundbreaking NFT drops! And please note, all of the minting proceeds from Busy Bunnies and our … Read more

PancakeBunny First Anniversary

Bunny Finance Just now·5 min read Bunny Fam, It has been a year since PancakeBunny first launched. Team Bunny is grateful for the community’s support over the first year of our long journey. In celebration of Bunny’s first anniversary, we have prepared some gifts for the community to thank you for your continuing support. First-Year … Read more

Bunny UI Update!

Bunny Finance Just now·1 min read Hey Bunny Fam, The Bunny UI has been updated! This is a first step in evolving the Bunny main page to be not just a yield farming site, but a portal to many projects related to BUNNY. Here are the key UI changes: Easier navigation to other projects in … Read more