SpartanDev: 23/08/21–29/08/21

SpartanProtocol Just now·9 min read Happy first birthday to Spartan Protocol! Automated testing and DApp development continues towards aligning with the new contracts Summary Happy Birthday Spartans !!! Thankyou for lending your support and determination to the shield-wall, it goes along way for a community driven project. Safe to say its been a pretty wild … Read more

Spartan Protocol’s First Birthday

A Year In Review SpartanProtocol Just now·12 min read 12 Months In Dot Points The idea here is to provide a ‘snapshot’ of the state of the nation before diving into a bit more detail of what has transpired over the last 12 months. Please note that the usual weekly Monday dev article will be … Read more

SpartanDev: 16/08/21–22/08/21

Contract contributors finalise the dynamic weight change-over and begin the automated testing… SpartanProtocol Just now·13 min read Summary The GitHub wizards have been throwing down hard, working their way through the CodeArena improvements. The contributors are getting really excited to put the improvements through the literal wringer, to provide a seamless, quality DeFi experience for … Read more

SpartanDev: 09/08/21–15/08/21

SpartanProtocol Just now·10 min read Mid August update highlighting the simplification of dividend calculations, dynamic weights at the value-extraction stage and a whole lot more! Summary Happy Monday, warriors of the shield wall. Contributors are continuing to work through improvements thanks to the feedback provided from the codeArena audit. Things are shaping up well with … Read more

SpartanDev: 02/08/21–08/08/21

SpartanProtocol Just now·11 min read First week of August; addition of caps, global freeze and other new protocol safety features Summary With the codeArena feedback triaged, contributors have been working away on discussions, scenarios and implementing changes from warden-feedback across the SpartanProtocol ecosystem. The iceberg analogy applies really well to this type of project. A … Read more

SpartanDev: July 2021

July saw major steps in rebuilding Sparta with the codeArena contest and the beginning of post-contest edits SpartanProtocol Just now·8 min read Summary Is it just us, or did July fly past at the speed of a Spartan Spear thrown in defence of SPARTA? Focus this month has been on the codeArena audit contest. Contributors … Read more


2nd last week of July; codeArena contest completed and post-contest work begins SpartanProtocol Just now·5 min read Summary This week saw the completion of the codeArena Audit contest! First off, we want to take the opportunity to express the gratitude of the community to codeArena and the wardens that were involved in the process; it’s … Read more


Updates from mid-July 2021. First major testnet subgraph & CodeArena contest in full-swing. SpartanProtocol Just now·8 min read Summary This week in $SPARTA, we saw the activation of the long awaited @code423n4 smart contract audit competition. Don’t forget that you can also take part in the audit process and be rewarded for your efforts. Take … Read more


Road to V2 Update | CodeArena Audit | Token Upgrade Continues SpartanProtocol Just now·6 min read Summary This week the CodeArena Audit Competition goes live — safe to say this is pretty exciting! Be sure to follow along on the codeArena website. The team continues to refine and ship improvements but the audit is the … Read more


SpartanProtocol 3 days ago·6 min read CEX Upgrade Update | codeArea audit crowdfund |upgrade your v1 tokens to v2 | refinement of code to streamline functions Summary It’s been another productive week with getting some movement with CEX’s to support the upgrade from V1 to V2 SPARTA tokens. It’s fantastic to see that approximately 92% … Read more