Linear to launch Xangle Large Cap & Xangle Blue Chip index’s

Linear Finance Mar 4 · 3 min read March 10th will mark Linear’s inaugural launch of their synthetic passive index series with the introduction of synthetic index tokens from Xangle. Users of the Linear Finance platform will be able to trade the Xangle Index Tokens, digital asset indices designed to track the performance of the … Read more

Linear Finance & DeFi Raccoons AMA Recap 05/02/21

Linear Finance Feb 8 · 9 min read Linear Finance is a cross-chain compatible, decentralized synthetic asset protocol to cost-effectively and quickly create, trade, and manage synthetic assets (Liquids) with no slippage and unlimited liquidity. Transcript DeFi Naut | DeFi Raccoons: I hope you’ve made yourself comfortable and will enjoy today’s session, so let’s get … Read more

First experience with the beta version of DeFi derivatives platform dFuture: How do traders and…

Dfuture Finance Feb 8·6 min read In addition to trading, dFuture users can also make profits through trading mining, FOMO reward pool, and dynamic trading fees and interest rewards. Written by: Zombit From:ChainNews The rapid development of DeFi has contributed to the improvement of DEX in the past six months. Top decentralized exchanges such as … Read more

dFuture V1 Beta Version is officially launched!

1. Overview Dfuture Finance Feb 8·10 min read In the traditional trading market, centralized exchanges have long been suspected of foul-play through their control of transaction data and non-transparent operations, including artificial price manipulation and creating fake coins. The recent situation where OKEX froze all withdrawals has intensified traders’ concerns about the security of their … Read more

Mascot competition: Who is LINA?

Linear Finance Jan 26 · 2 min read Linear Finance’s Official Mascot Design Competition: WHO IS LINA? The team at Linear Finance is excited to announce our official mascot design competition in conjunction with the BSC team. Aave have their ghost, Github have Octocat and Twitter has Larry the Bird… (yes, it really is called … Read more

Linear.Exchange Mainnet V1.0 Launch

Linear Finance Jan 28 · 4 min read Dear Linear Community, Partners, and new users: The time has come…. Today, we would like to proudly announce that we are launching the final dApp in our product suite. Linear.Exchange Mainnet v1.0. Like our Buildr dApp, Linear.Exchange is the culmination of hard work, sweat, and tears from … Read more

Linear Finance Ecosystem FAQs

Linear Finance Jan 27 · 5 min read Dear Linear Community, Partners and new users: As we move closer to the launch of the Linear Exchange, we would like to share with you a selection of frequently asked questions. These FAQs will help to educate those that are not familiar with the inner workings of … Read more

dFuture Liquidation engine

Dfuture Finance Jan 13·4 min read On normal futures exchanges, if a trader holds a leveraged futures position, and due to changes in market prices that causes the account to go beyond bankruptcy, meaning the trader’s account has a negative net asset value, the trader should pay the loss. But for decentralized futures exchanges, if … Read more

XBT Community Quests — 01

Alan Tran Jan 3 · 2 min read As you may know, the XBT Airdrop is live at, which can be claimed by everyone, daily and the rewards can be up to 10$ in XBT per claim. But there are still people that have troubles with claiming XBT from their wallets: Metamask and TrustWallet. … Read more