Governance Update: Announcing the Venus Snapshot Space

Venus has launched a Snapshot space that will be integrated into the Venus governance process. What is Snapshot? Snapshot is a gasless, off-chain, voting mechanism. Eligible participants can cast votes with only a signed message from their wallet, which removes the need to pay transaction fees to participate in governance. Snapshot provides a streamlined voting … Read more

Announcing the Venus Logo & Brand Refresh Competition Winners

A brand’s visual identity is a representation of its ethos. As Venus enters a new chapter, powered by an all-star team and in technologies, the Venus visual brand needs to change in order to reflect the updated trajectory of the platform. The Venus Logo & Brand Refresh competitions, which launched in January, sourced logo and … Read more

Binance Smart Chain to ‘De-Emphasize’ Binance With BNB Chain Rebrand

Binance Smart Chain is attempting to distance itself from Binance with a network rebranding exercise that will see the project reborn as BNB Chain. Sponsored Sponsored The announcement came on February 15, in a blog on the network’s new corporate website. Shortly after the announcement, Binance Investment Director Gwendolyn Regina hosted the BNB Chain introduction live … Read more