Swap is Live!

icarus finance ·Just now 👋 Hello Icarians, It’s hot, hot, hot 🔥 We just added another DeFi application into our protocol! As the project grows and evolves, it is important to build and sustain a total value locked (TVL) in the dApp, as this encourages new investors and enthusiasts to participate and get involved. Having … Read more

Launchpad release

icarus finance Just now·2 min read 👋 Hello icarians, do you feel like adding some extra excitement to your journey? We introduce you today to the first steps on our GameFi experience! ✅ Ground zero — Capsule 💊 Each capsule contains 1 random generated NFT that unlocks the gamefi applications and play to earn gameplay. … Read more

Giveaway $ETH Reminder !

icarus finance ·Just now 👋 Hello Icarians,Don’t forget about the giveaway on twitter, there is still some time left!Share, comment tag 3 friends 👉 https://bit.ly/3gEd8YV ✅ 100$ worth of $ETH✅ 1 lucky winner Kindly consider checking aroundhttps://icarus.finance/Whitepaper.pdf Find out more information below! 👇https://linktr.ee/icarus.finance #ZETH #ZBTC #ICA #DeFi #cryptomining #icarusfinance #BSC

$ICAv2 is now live!

icarus finance 1 day ago·1 min read 👋 Hello Icarians,More fresh juicy upgrades! 🔥 ✅ $ICA v2 is now live!✅ Rewards from v2 start 1st of June 17:00 SGT https://bscscan.com/token/0x0ca2f09eca544b61b91d149dea2580c455c564b2 As time goes by, we keep improving and adding more features to our ecosystem. We’ve been working hard in the background to bring you the … Read more

Why mining power matters!

icarus finance May 22·2 min read Hello icarians 👋 Today we wanted to share with you some information about icarus.finance and how the ecosystem interacts with itself and users. We thoughtfully designed icarus.finance and its tokenomics to be the perfect mix between mining and farming. One variable that’s hugely important but easily gets overlooked is … Read more