Cross-chain Mechanism of dFuture

Dfuture Finance Just now·5 min read As the public chain market enters a flourishing “multi-chain era”, the market demand for cross-chain transactions becomes greater. A cross-chain bridge is an indispensable part of the blockchain and plays a vital role in connecting assets on various networks and realizing asset circulation. Since the launch of Huobi Eco … Read more

Notice to users of the second pool of mortgage liquidity regarding the migration of Pancake

Dfuture Finance Apr 22·2 min read Pancake V2 upgrade, DFT/BNB LP Token Migration Announcement Pancake will upgrade to the V2 version next week, and users need to migrate the LP Token staked in Pancake to continue to gain profit. If you have staked DFT/BNB LP Token in the Farm Pool of Pancake, please refer to … Read more & BSCdaily AMA|Here are what you want to know about Apr 16·6 min read Q1:Would you please share with us what is and how it works? Solo is a single-asset mining aggregator without impermanent loss. For users, what they have to do is just stake single asset and get earnings without having worries about asset allocation, the price fluctuations, and impermanent losses. All … Read more