ForTube Q3 Summary and Q4 Plan

ForTube Sep 6 · 1 min read Product iteration: Version4: The testing and launch preparations including the corresponding long-term liquidity incentive plan have been completed. There is no comprehensive official announcement for the time being due to requirements of the partner’s security audit and operation rhythm. It is expected to be launched soon after the … Read more


ForTube Just now·4 min read Why did we launch FDAO? Decentralization has always been ForTube’s direction and goal, so we would like to introduce a decentralized governance structure — FDAO with no boundaries, no identities, and no core interest groups after two years of safe operations and technical iterations. It can balance ForTube’s revenue distribution, … Read more

ForTube 2021 Summary

ForTube ·Just now It’s been a banner year for ForTube! We’ve gained momentum with key launches, integrations, listings, and various campaigns. All of these efforts coalesce to make ForTube one of the leading decentralized crypto banks. Here are some highlights in 2021: Follow us on social media for more updates: ▲Twitter▲Telegram▲Official website▲Docs▲Announcement channel

FDAO Tutorial

ForTube Dec 30 · 3 min read In order to connect all stakeholders, ForTube has issued $FDAO tokens on the ETH network based on the Bonding Curve model. Users have privileges to make business decisions and share revenues of the ForTube platform by $FDAO tokens. This article will show you how to use FDAO. How … Read more

FDAO: Key Step Towards Decentralization

ForTube 2 hours ago·5 min read The emergence of the blockchain concept has catalyzed a more inclusive, transparent, and open digital financial system. Most of the traditional financial institutions act as service hubs, responsible for deposit and lending, financial bookkeeping, counter business, interest rate adjustment, loan collection, risk control compliance, information services and etc. The … Read more

ForTube IoTeX Version Liquidity Incentive Tutorial

ForTube Just now·4 min read ForTube has reached a strategic partnership with IoTeX and the deployment process of ForTube on IoTeX’s mainnet has been completed. In order to contribute to the development of the IoTeX ecosystem and meet users’ demand for liquidity, a yield farming campaign will be launched on December 14, 7 AM (UTC) … Read more

ForTube Joined IoTeX Ecosystem, Boosting DeFi Construction and Cross-Chain Transactions

ForTube Just now·2 min read Dear ForTubers, We are thrilled to announce that ForTube has reached a strategic partnership with IoTeX. Both parties will work together closely in various fields such as DeFi ecosystem construction, cross-chain transactions, market expansion and etc. The deployment process of ForTube on IoTeX’s mainnet will be completed around 3 PM, … Read more

ForTube Partners with ACryptoS for 3-token LP Farm

ForTube Just now·3 min read We’re excited to announce a partnership with ACryptoS, setting up a ForTube pool for $ACSI yield farming rewards! ACryptoS has been a #1 SAFU Yield Optimizer in BSC for almost 1 year, and they have launched an AMM swap, Acsi.Finance, supporting pools up to 8 tokens. FOR-BUSD-BNB Investment Fund ACryptoS … Read more

ForTube Launches V3.5 to Improve Underlying Financial Infrastructure of Web3.0

ForTube Just now·4 min read The newly upgraded V3.5 has optimized the algorithm flow, user experience, and UI design. This blog provides detailed tutorials about deposit, borrowing, and repayment, and withdrawal using V3.5. Currently, ForTube supports four main chains: ETH, BSC, Polygon, and OEC. This blog takes the BSC version on a PC as an … Read more

Tutorial: ForTube OKExChain (OEC) Lending and Mining (PC Version)

ForTube May 14 · 5 min read ForTube has launched OKExChain (OEC) at 5PM on May 14th, 2021 (UTC+8), providing users in the ecosystem with lending, borrowing and other liquidity solutions. ForTube will support the lending business of on-chain assets of OKExChain, such as OKT, OKB, USDT, USDC, USDK, and will launch the lending and … Read more