Tabletop roleplaying games are coming to the blockchain and this is just the beginning – Get on Board.

GRIPNR Introduces The Glimmering: The World’s Only 5e On-Chain, Play-to-Progress TTRPG Played with Collectible NFT Characters.    Tabletop roleplaying games are now coming onto the blockchain and it just makes sense. GRIPNR is working to build on the classic TTRPG model by rewarding contributors for their passion, work, and fun.   Gripnr is a Web3 technology company … Read more

NFT Taskforce Asks Japanese Government to Consider Appointing Web3 Minister

This post was originally published on News.Bitcoin In a recently released white paper, a Japanese non-fungible token (NFT) taskforce has asked the government to consider appointing a government minister whose job it would be to oversee all matters relating to Web3. Building the Support Structure for Japan’s NFT Sector A Japanese NFT policy task force … Read more

Venus Protocol Announces Visual Rebrand

Today, Venus Protocol is embarking on a new chapter in its mission to enable decentralized lending and borrowing in the crypto space, with a complete visual rebrand and a slew of exciting product updates on the way. Venus Protocol has introduced a new logo and color scheme, while a revamped user interface will be unveiled … Read more

American Express Files NFT related Trademarks

American Express, one of the powerhouse payments processors, recently filed trademark applications for NFT and Metaverse logos signalling a potential entrance into the Web3 space. American Express: The U.S. and beyond Few brands are more recognizable than American Express; it is a well-respected and sometimes misunderstood payments processor. Contrary to what its name might imply, … Read more

Governance Update: Announcing the Venus Snapshot Space

Venus has launched a Snapshot space that will be integrated into the Venus governance process. What is Snapshot? Snapshot is a gasless, off-chain, voting mechanism. Eligible participants can cast votes with only a signed message from their wallet, which removes the need to pay transaction fees to participate in governance. Snapshot provides a streamlined voting … Read more

Draft Kings delves deeper into Web3

DraftKings is one of the most successful sports betting platforms in the world, and they are ready to become one of the integral Polygon validators. DraftKings: A decade of Innovation DraftKings is an American sports betting company; users on this platform can enter into daily and weekly sports contests to win money. One of the … Read more

Energy Behemoth set to make Web3 Debut

Chevron, energy giant files for trademarks relating to NFT and Metaverse, and this has a lot of implications for the broader energy industry. Chevron: Web3 needs Energy Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed NFTs make their debut in different industries and sectors worldwide. Everyone, including corporations, celebrities, and brands, wants to get in on … Read more